How are you?

Let’s keep this short,

For if I speak I won’t find it in me to stop.

How did people live in the past? With just a letter or a call once a week,

When I can’t go without one text from you in a day.

How are you? Did you take your medicines? Does the night feel as lonely as it does for me?

Why don’t you drink enough water? And have you been eating well?

I heard your song today, and I remembered how much it makes you smile.

I don’t really have a song, so I wonder what reminds you of me.

Do you miss me when the sun sets on another day?

My heart and hands feel lonely without you. Does yours too?

Take care and eat well.

I’ll leave you for now. Fold your bedsheets and keep your room clean,

And when you’re tired of all this distance

Give me a call.

But please don’t forget to wash your feet before you go to bed.

As you were.

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